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# records: 1

objectid: 5244795
rk: 3
ufi: -295516
uni: -458315
lat_dd: 24.983333
long_dd: 32.866667
efctv_dt: null
term_dt_f: null
term_dt_n: null
dialect_cd: null
desig_cd: ANS
fc: S
cc_ft: EGY
adm1: EG-ASN
ft_link: null
full_name: Temple of Horus
nt: N
name_rank: 1
lang_cd: null
transl_cd: null
script_cd: null
name_link: null
cc_nm: null
generic: null
full_nm_nd: Temple of Horus
sort_gen: null
lat_dms: 24:59:00
long_dms: 32:52:00
mgrs: 36RVN8654463109
mod_dt_ft: 755308800000
mod_dt_nm: 746841600000
display: 1,2,3,4,5
gis_notes: null
all_names: N:1:TEMPLEOFHORUS;
globalid_org: {96FB56A3-1391-4774-815C-9AF36EE36D7E}
X: 32.866667000000064
Y: 24.983333000000073